Capoeira Força Natural

Capoeira is a Brazilian amalgamation of the martial art, dance and physical game. Capoeira is a multidimensional sport and it is played in rhythm of Afro-Brazilian music. In the capoeira can be seen influences of Afro-Brazilian culture, performing arts, dance, full contact battle, contact improvisation and acrobatics.

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Capoeira is for everyone, regardless of age or condition.

Welcome to the sport that does not leave you cold. Our capoeira school have groups in Oulu, Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki, Lahti, Tampere and Helsinki.
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Capoeira Angola with Mestre Dorado & Mestre Sirí

Força Natural Helsinki is pleased to invite you to enjoy a weekend of Capoeira and celebration! Visiting we have Mestre Dorado...

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Pirkan Berimbau 25th anniversary

Welcome to spend a rich weekend of capoeira in honour of in the context of Pirkan Berimbau ry's 25thanniversary celebrations! Juhannuskylä...

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Vadiação de Páscoa 2020

Already traditional easy going capoeira event in the galaxy far far away, in almost legendary atmosphere. Three full days...

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Vadiação de Páscoa 2019

Vadiação de Páscoa - three days of capoeira, being together, food, party and sauna. Three day event early bird price until...

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3.-5.11.2017 Capoeira de Angola com Mestre Zé Baiano

We are pleased to welcome you to Tampere for a workshop of capoeira de angola. Mestre Zé Baiano continues the capoeira de...

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Sol da Meia Noite 2017

Welcome to the Sol da Meia Noite from 21st to 23rd of July in Tampere! We are pleased to inform you, that this years Sol...

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Capoeira Sol da Meia Noite 23th-27th of July 2014

  10th Capoeira Sol da Meia Noite event is organized exeptionally in July for 2014. This year the Fest Afrika festival...

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Vadiação de Páscoa

We are having the Vadiação de Páscoa in Oulu. Three days of capoeira, hangin out, food and in addition some party and...

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8° Encontro de Capoeira Sol da Meia Noite

8° Encontro de Capoeira Sol da Meia Noite "…Quem viram aque uma vez camarada, vai voltar.…vai voltar aprender capoeira, vai...

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