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Capoeira Sol da Meia Noite 23th-27th of July 2014



10th Capoeira Sol da Meia Noite event is organized exeptionally in July for 2014. This year the Fest Afrika festival invited us to join them. Fest Afrika's comprehensive selection of concerts, exhibitions and workshops expands the Sol da Meia Noite to an extensive, almost a whole week long, afro-brazilian celebration where you can bring your whole family.

Capoeira Sol da Meia Noite 2014 special guest:
Mestre Perna Longa de Santana, São Paulo, Brazil
Professora Brisa da Sousa, London, UK/Brazil

Beim vindos!
Mestre Sirí
Capoeira Força Natural



3-5 päivää 120 €
- sisältää capoeira workshopit sekä Fest Afrkika -konsertitpassin to-la
2 päivää, 85 € / 1 päivä, 65 €
- sisältää capoeira workshopit sekä Fest Afrika -konserttiliput ko. päiville.

Payment info

Receiver: Forca Natural
Account Number: FI63 1469 3000 2434 99
Reference 1371

Event locations

- All event locations on one map



- Report your need for accommodation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (school accommodation, 5 €/night)
- School accommodation is at Tammerkoski school

Training ja training locations

- All training happens in Tammerkoski school
- Childrens daycare is organized during Sol da Meia Noite's workshops on Friday-Saturday

Event schedule

23.7. Wednesday

11:00-14:00 capoeira & music
- lunch
17:00-20:00 capoeira & musis
21:00 Release event for Mestre Perna Longa's cd
- roda de capoeira, forró, basbeque @ Ratinan ravintolalaiva

24.7. Thursday

11:00-14:00 capoeira & music
- lunch
17:00-20:00 capoeira & vadição
20:00-02:00 Fest Afrika consert @ Ravintola Telakka

25.7. Friday

11:00-14:00 capoeira & vadição
- lunch
17:00-19:30 capoeira & vadição
- light meal @ Ravinolalaiva
20:00-02:00 Fest Afrikka consert @ Pakkahuone
- Evening program includes e.g. an open interactive afro-capo orquestra which aims to harmonize 50 berimbau players and 50 ngoma drummers. Orquestra is conducted by Mestre Sirí and Menard Mponda. You gotta hear this - so be there in time!

26.7. Saturday

11:00-12:30 capoeira
- paussi
13:00-15:00 capoera & vadiação
15:00-16:00 rodas in all trainings
- dinner
18:00 Roda de Solda da Meia Noite @ Tullintori
21:00-04:00 Main consert of Fest Afrikka @ Klubi

27.7 Sunday

12:00 music + roda de capoeira

Feast Afrika festival's whole program and pricing can be found in: www.festafrika.net