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Prof. Turista's workshop in Helsinki 5.-7.4.

Welcome to workshop in Helsinki by Prof. Turista from Oulu, Capoeira Força Natural.

Friday 5.4.
14.00-16.00 training, Pikku-Huopalahden Nuorisotila, Hilda flodininkuja 6
18.00-> Sauna and hang-out, Meilahti, Paraistentie 15

Saturday 6.4.
11.00-15.00 training, Koskelan Nuoristotila, Antti Korpintie 3A
15.00-16.00 lunch, Koskelan Nuorisotila

17.00-19.00 advanced training and music/roda, Merihaka, Haapaniementie 14
19.00-> Sauna, forró-class by Profa. Codórna and dinner and party at Merihaka, Haapaniemenkatu 14

Sunday 7.4.
13.00-14.30 training, Merihaka, Haapaniemenkatu 14
14.30-17.00 open roda, Merihaka, Haapaniemenkatu 14

2-3 days capoeira+ saunas+forró-class =25 euros
one day of capoeira =15 euros
only sauna/forró-class =5 euros

Please register at www.capoeira.fi/kurssit

and you can pay in advance: HC-Galeira ry. FI2847464020002278 (write in info "prof. Turista workshop and days/classes you will attend") or by cash at workshop.

Welcome all!