Training schedules:

Mon 6pm - 7:30pm Basics
Mon 7:30pm - 9pm Advanced

Tue 7pm - 9pm Advanced (non-guided)

Wed 5pm - 6pm Samba Batucada (music lesson)

Wed 6pm - 8pm Basics and Advanced together

Thu 5pm - 7pm Advanced (non-guided)


  • Basics Course 23th of January - 29th of March 2017
  • Advanced 16th of January - 31th of May 2017

Welcome to learn and study capoeira in our own capoeira academy at Moisionkatu 6, 3th floor. Our teachers during the class are: Prof. Rauli "Samurai" Partanen and Prof. Aku "Papagaio" Keränen.

More info you can find with email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tel 050 560 3544 (Rauli).

Welcome to our facebook-site as well as public Capooerista sites. Feel free to ask anything either in english or in finnish, we will gladly help.


Our capoeira group has also samba music players from Bloco Cafezinho. Our teacher and bateria leader is named Olli Reijonen is a long term samba music player and plays old-school samba. Come to check us out free and after that 5€ / for every lesson you participate.

Payment info:

Piao de Baia ry
FI06 8000 1271 0221 14
Beginner Class: 70 €
Advanced Class: 170 €