The students of Capoeira Força Natural in Helsinki practice capoeira in the friendly neighbourhoods of Oulunkylä and Pihlajamäki. We practice capoeira de Angola with appropriate methods, music, acrobatics, and physical exercises. We welcome everyone without looking at age, previous sporting background and so on. Welcome!

Spring 2024

At the moment, the Thursday training is for more advanced level training but the beginners are also welcome to join the training. Saturday training is for all levels and there we often focus more on playing capoeira and capoeira music as well as practising the art of the roda de capoeira – the circle where the capoeira game is played and performed. In our classes, we aim to incorporate a multitude of different facets of capoeira, ranging from movement to music and different aspects of Afro-Brazilian culture. Come and try capoeira for free! Welcome!


  • Mestre Sirí
  • Professor Mingau
  • Professor Pião
  • Professor Swingue

Contact information

Facebook group: Capoeira Força Natural Helsinki
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information contact HC Galera ry: Jenni Leppänen 'Polaris', HC Galera ry chair (tel. 050 348 8920) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sign Up in 2024

Sign up for the courses here.

Prices in 2024

60 € training fee (one season)
50 € training fee for members
10 € membership fee*
5 € class (first time is for free)

It is recommended that you also pay the membership fee to support the HC Galera Helsinki capoeira association. By paying the membership fee of 10 euros, you are an official member of the HC Galera Helsinki capoeira association, have the right to take the floor and vote in the meetings of the association, and are entitled to membership price during training and workshops. The membership fee can also be paid separately if you cannot participate in training during the year. 

HC-Galera ry  FI2847464020002278

Safer space principles

  • We are all responsible for creating safer spaces and building trust. Actively give everyone space to be, speak, play instruments and play capoeira together. We can never fully know what others are going through, feel free to participate within your ability and however you feel best!
  • Support and take care of each other and respect everyone's physical and emotional boundaries, differing perspectives and ways of being. We do not accept violence or discriminate against anybody based on skin colour, background, sexuality, age, gender, ability to function or other attributes. We do not assume anything about others from their appearance or otherwise.
  • No means no – you always have the right to refuse. Sometimes refusing is difficult in the moment but you are welcome to speak to the designated contact persons.
  • Please speak to the contact persons (Olli Ulkuniemi or Marjukka Huttunen) or communicate if you notice discrimination. Safer space is an ongoing learning process! Be kind to yourself and others. You can also send us an e-mail via[at]


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