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Sol da Meia Noite 2017

Welcome to the Sol da Meia Noite from 21st to 23rd of July in Tampere!

We are pleased to inform you, that this years Sol da Meia Noite will be held in Haihara art center and Kaukajärvi Vapaa-aikatalo. 

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 The teachers of the event:

Mestre Sirí; Capoeira Força Natural
Mestre Marcelo Angola; Angoleiros do Mar
Cm'a Platina, Capoeira Força Natural
Cm Turista, Capoeira Força Natural
Cm Macaco Branco, Capoeira Força Natural
Cm Sapo, Capoeira Força Natural


Friday the 21st of July

6 pm–9pm       Training (Vapaa-aikatalo)

9 pm ->              Food, Samba de roda (Väentupa & Valjasvaja, Haihara) 

Saturday 22nd of July

12pm–5pm      Training(Vapaa-aikatalo)

6 pm                   Food

8 pm                   Roda de Sol da Meia Noite (Valjasvaja, Haihara) 

11 pm                Forro

Sunday the 23rd of July

12pm–4pm         Music& roda Boa Viagem (Valjasvaja, Haihara) 

4pm ->           Barbeque and relaxation


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Kaukajärven Vapaa-aikatalo

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70€                      Whole event from the 21st to 23rd of July. (Includes training, food & parties)

50€                      Saturday the 22nd of July                                    (Includes training, food & parties)

20€                      Sunday the 23rd of July                    

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